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If You're A Regular At SUP2

Then You Should Grab These Discounts...

Would you like to get regular discounts? Here's how:

# 1. If you're new with us, register an account here and automatically get 40 FREE points!

# 2. Whenever you purchase any SUP2 products, make sure you're logged in to collect 1 point for every $1 you spend.

# 3. Click the "Check Rewards" button on the bottom-right.

Check Reward system SUP2

# 4. Complete your profile to get an additional FREE 40 points!

Invite system SUP2

# 5. Invite your friends and get 100 points if they join and make a purchase! Your friend will also get 40 points toward their account.

Invite friends Reward System SUP2

# 6. Once you've gathered 100 points, redeem it on the "Check Rewards" button!

*Note* Please make sure to redeem the ONLINE version of the coupon if you are shopping online.

The Physical Store coupon will only work in our physical store.

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