Our Story


Born on the streets and sports fields of New Zealand.  SUP2 reflects our Kiwi attitude. It’s Quietly loud and Globally recognisable   It’s a cult brand of champions, worn because they choose to, and love our ethos - not because of paid endorsements.

Born in New Zealand, Citizens of the World. Kiwis with big dreams and big heart.

SUP2 was started by Winston Sua (aka Wax) a Sportsman, who was always in charge of the team kit as he loved to push the boundaries of ‘the traditional strip’ . When he made his first Tee, it was worn by a Rugby mate who was also the captain of ‘A particular Elite New Zealand Rugby team’ at the time. Branded on the Tee was a phrase which Winston and his mates used when texting amongst each other, ‘SUP2’.

When Wax met his partner Gina, she had been working in the Fashion Industry for many years and had seen the journey of most Kiwi and Aussieclothing brands.

Our mandate was to make our brand affordable - without compromising quality.  We love everything kiwi and olden,  details of our lives and influences growing up in one and only Aotearoa .

Factory Video

Be bold and think big

It’s about attitude, not shirt size (although our ranges do go up to 5XL). Life’s simply more fun when you stand out.

SUP2 is for everyone

SUP2 is for everyone. There are 7.2 billion people alive on the planet today. They won’t all wear our gear, but we’re going to give our best shot. That’s why we have ranges at all price levels, and sizes from tiny to very large.

Life’s too short to wear bad clothes

We pay more for quality, but you won’t pay more for your hoodie. We believe in quality for everyone – not just the chosen few.

We’re in this together

We work in a tight team with our suppliers, and their success is our success. When you wear SUP2 you’re part of the tribe too.